Become a Member of the Council for a Livable World

Welcome to Council for a Livable World! Since our founding in 1962 by Manhattan Project scientist Leo Szilard, we have worked to reduce the dangers posed by nuclear weapons, advocate for sensible national security policies, and help elect congressional candidates who support them.

Council candidate Rep. Betsey Markey, D-CO, with Council supporters.

Across the country, we have over 70,000 supporters who are critical to our mission of creating a more livable world. We represent them in Washington, D.C. and send them alerts at key moments when they can take action to influence important votes. Our active membership does everything from writing letters to the editors of their local newspapers, to writing or calling their representatives in Congress, to signing petitions promoting diplomatic solutions to global conflicts, to supporting our organization and the candidates we endorse. With our supporters' help, we have helped elect 118 candidates to the Senate and 199 candidates to the House of Representatives.

After the 2008 elections – the most successful election cycle for online fundraising in our history – Council for a Livable World launched a new membership program, designed to foster a deeper relationship between our organization and our supporters. By giving as little as $25, you will become a member of Council for a Livable World.

As a member, you will join our core group of supporters and provide us the foundation we need to continue our work. As a Council member, you will also have the opportunity to make a unique, direct impact on our candidate endorsements and fundraising – Because of Federal Election Commission guidelines, only Council members may contribute to the Council for a Livable World Candidate Fund, the branch of our organization that coordinates all of our election work. It is through this fund that your dollars can make the greatest impact on our endorsed candidates and their campaigns.

As you give more throughout the year, you will join higher levels of membership and receive additional benefits like policy and political briefings and acknowledgment in our annual report.


General Council Membership

The money you give today will help support our crucial work in Washington – lobbying for reductions in nuclear arsenals, promoting diplomacy with Iran, and educating members of Congress on the dangers of building new nuclear weapons and the need to expand nuclear non-proliferation programs.

As a member, you will receive a quarterly memo from the desk of Council Executive Director John Isaacs to provide the latest updates on our work in Washington, DC and our advocacy across the country.

Become a member!

Join the Progressive Circle

By giving $100-$500 per year, you will join the Council’s Progressive Circle, a key component of our supporter base. As a member of the Progressive Circle, you will receive all the benefits of the General Council Membership; special opportunities for political and policy briefings from Council experts; and an annual report of Council fundraising and development, giving you the ability to see how your contributions are being put to work.

Join the Progressive Circle!

Council-endorsed candidate Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) with Council supporters in Washington, D.C.

Become an Advocate for Change

The Council’s Advocates for Change are members who give from $500-$1000 per year. Advocates for Change are leaders for progressive politics in their community and stimulate debate on national security. As an Advocate for Change, you will receive all the benefits of being in the Progressive Circle plus special opportunities to meet with candidates and members of Congress at Council events.

Become an Advocate for Change

Join the Leadership Council

By giving $1,000 or more to the Council in any given year, you will automatically join our Leadership Council. As a member of the Leadership Council, you provide Council for a Livable World the support it needs to ensure that the organization’s message and agenda is at the forefront of policy discussions on Capitol Hill. You help us retain national security experts to brief members of Congress and their staffs, and do top-notch political research to find the best and brightest congressional candidates who share our vision of a more livable world.

As a member of the Leadership Council, you will receive all the benefits of being an Advocate for Change, plus exclusive opportunities to meet with Council leadership one-on-one in Washington, D.C. or elsewhere.

Join the Leadership Council!

Since 1962, Council for a Livable World and its members have been at the forefront of debates on national security. At this critical turning point in history, we need your help to continue that work and achieve real progress on our issues – like moving toward a world free of nuclear weapons. You are a critical part of the work we do. Join us today!